Four-helical bundle analysis tool


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(Example results have been precomputed at some time. They most probably are not identical to results of a new computation with actualized databases.)

Input parameters (obligatory)

Note: The helices need to be entered according to their sequential position
in the bundle (it is not relevant whether this done clockwise or counterclockwise,
and whether one starts with the N-terminal helix or any other one), and not in
their order from N- to C-terminus. For helices in anti-parallel orientation, the residue
range should be given with the larger residue number before the smaller one.

Definition for helix 1
first position chain from to 
Definition for helix 2
first position chain from to 
Definition for helix 3
first position chain from to 
Definition for helix 4
first position chain from to 

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References (please cite as appropriate)

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